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In 2012 the Music Schools and Conservatories in Clamart, Cáceres, Hammarö and Lüneburg began to develop a performance project which would bring the four partner schools together, thus adding a new dynamic to their exchange and intensifying the long-year contact between them.The realization of this wish is a project series bearing the title MOSAIK, in which a new theme is developed every other year.

At the beginning of the MOSAIK project, a group of selected students will participate in workshops based on a common theme. For a period of 5-7 months, workshops will be held frequently in their respective schools and in a process oriented manner, elements of the mosaic are created and rehearsed.

The project continues in the week of the performance, where all of the groups come together in one of the partner cities to rehearse and organize the elements of the mosaic in a dramaturgical form turning it into a performance piece. It is then that the MOSAIK is complete. The project ends with a perfomance before a live audience.

In May 2015 Lüneburg hosted the first MOSAIK edition. The subject of the pilot project was an artistical analysis of The Odyssey from Homer. In 2017 the „Conservatorio Oficial de Música Hermanos Berzosa“ in Cáceres/Spain took over the torch to host „MOSAIK.Quijote“. In May 2019 the MOSAIK project will make its third stop in Clamart/France at the „Conservatoire de Clamart Henri Dutilleux“.

We are thrilled to announce that for the second time our MOSAIK will be funded by the European Union through their „Erasmus+“ program. The final performance of the project will take place on May 31 at the »Théatre de l'Allegria« in Plessis-Robinson, the title of the performance is „“.

Mehr Info: Artikel aus der Lüneburger Landeszeitung (LZ) vom 24.05.2019, Seite 12. Autor: Hans-Martin Koch

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